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1st challenge

I'm terribly sorry for the long delay in posting the first challenge, but I guess you've been just as busy these days as we.

Before I post the first challenge, though, I'd like to make an important ANNOUNCEMENT: We will discuss your individual works in German as we do want to encourage constructive criticism, and giving that is not always easy in a foreign language. All other rules of netiquette as presented at our info meetings still apply, though.

As for the CHALLENGE, I do realise that it's a little bit late for putting together a CW (creatively written) advent calendar, but it's never too late for getting you into that Christmassy feeling. Maybe you have someone you'd like to give this as a present to?

The topic is Christmas. Sounds more boring than it is, since the form is a mini-saga. It consists of only 50 words, but it has to have a beginning, a main part and an ending, just like a proper story. Much of the exposition (that's the bit at the beginning in which place, time and characters are introduced) can go into the headline, which comes with a max of 15 words. The extra challenge in a mini-saga is also that the ending should make you think or surprise you.

Here's an example:

The Conquering Alien

One year ago on Venus there was an alien who wanted to conquer the Universe. When he got to Earth he landed on a school, he went through the air duct and through some of the holes, he saw a class called 4P, they were so ugly he went home.
(by Thomas Hatton, aged 8)

We'd like you to write a mini-saga with such a twist about Christmas. Make people smile. Make them think. Make them wonder ...

You can email your drafts to either of us.

Have fun. We're looking forward to reading your mini-sagas.


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Dec. 8th, 2007 10:23 am (UTC)
1st challenge!^°°°°
Ok also ich hab bereits eine mini-saga geschrieben!

ihr findet meinen text auf meinem profil!

viel spass beim lesen!°°

lg :) Meister
Dec. 8th, 2007 03:41 pm (UTC)
Re: 1st challenge!^°°°°
Die Idee war eigentlich, die Mini-saga in dieser community zu posten, damit man nicht immer hin und her hüpfen muss zwischen den ljs. Ich war so frei, es für Dich zu tun.

Wenn Ihr einen Beitrag einstellen wollt, dann müsst Ihr auf der Maske für den Beitrag das entsprechende lj auswählen, in unserem Fall mrsfabs_cwclass.
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